Creative Director & Designer

XBOX FanFest


XBOX Fanfest is an annual set of events centered around the highly anticipated Games Showcase, a momentous event hosted by XBOX each year. It serves as a platform for unveiling upcoming games and highlighting the fruitful collaboration with Bethesda games. This global event attracts hundreds of thousands of passionate gamers, who eagerly tune in to live streams or attend live gatherings in major international cities. Fanfest serves as a unifying force, bringing fans together and fostering a sense of community among them. Leading up to the Games Showcase, Fanfest provides compelling reasons for fans to gather and continues to engage them during and after the event, even hosting a lively afterparty. This comprehensive undertaking involved designing an encompassing plan encompassing the digital lead-up, the Games Showcase itself, and the subsequent festivities. Our focus was to envision the Fanfest experience from the perspective of fans and devise strategies to encourage more sign-ups for the upcoming year.

XBOX had set a target of acquiring an additional 15,000 signups, attracting hundreds of thousands of viewers, and creating a digitally immersive environment where fans could feel acknowledged, understood, and connected with fellow enthusiasts worldwide. The entire experience was designed to be delivered through digital platforms, with live watch parties hosted by XBOX in major cities. Taking on the role of creative director, I collaborated closely with the skilled production team at becore to conceptualize, develop, and execute the project from its initial ideation stages to its successful completion. Together, we worked harmoniously to bring all the elements together and deliver an unforgettable digital event for XBOX fans around the globe.


The work was a huge success. It started with multiple pieces leading up to the event itself including exclusive swag bags, a custom flash game hosted on their microsite, and building out the visual identity for the marketing materials.. During the showcase, we watched alongside of the fans through multiple watch parties across the world, and afterwards we partied in a digital festival equipped with multiple chat rooms, an after party production live streamed with special guests and unique bits, as well as giving fans a way to connect on a more personal level.