Creative Director & Designer



Over the last year, I've been at the helm of developing a gamification platform named Summon, intricately crafted for communities seeking enhanced engagement, resilience against sybil attacks, merit-based governance, and a gamified system for recognizing and empowering their most valuable members. This platform, meticulously constructed from scratch by a remarkable engineering team, has been my focus as the creative director. My role involves overseeing the brand's identity, the platform's design, and custom solutions for our partners, all while leading a dedicated team of product, graphic, and UX designers. The scope of what I could share about this project is vast, as it is continually evolving. I'm incredibly excited to contribute to building such a vital component for the future.

I have taken the lead in guiding the creative aspects of onboarding tenants onto the Summon platform, which includes prominent names like Game7, Ethereum Denver, zkSync, and Hyperplay, among others. In shaping the creative direction for Summon as a white-label governance platform, it's crucial for me to have a deep understanding of the distinct characteristics of each community. This involves being acutely aware of how these communities function, their unique aesthetics, and the overall ambiance they embody. My approach is tailored to ensure that while Summon serves its purpose effectively, it also resonates with the individual identity and culture of each tenant.


Communities are increasingly seeking a more transparent and effective live operations tool, and I am convinced that Summon is the best in its class. What sets Summon apart is its ability to foster a deeper sense of engagement within communities through various features such as questing models, governance structures, reward tactics, and achievement systems. From a creative standpoint, I've contributed to bringing this vision to life by weaving deep lore across multiple communities. This narrative approach not only enhances the user experience but also helps in establishing a stronger, more cohesive community identity, aligning with their specific needs and aspirations.