Show Me Organics
Designer & Web Developer

Show Me Organics x Vivid Cannabis x Buoyant Bob x Blue Sage


As the creative director and designer on the Show Me Organics team, I had the opportunity to work on the rebranding and launching of multiple cannabis brands under the Show Me Organics umbrella. This included Vivid, Buoyant Bob, MO Own, and Blue Sage. Each of these brands had their own unique voice and audience, and it was my job to ensure that the visuals and narrative reflected that.

One of the major projects I worked on was the rebranding of Vivid. This involved updating the packaging design, creating new marketing materials, and developing a cohesive visual identity for the brand.

In addition to working on existing brands, I was also involved in the launch of the new brand Buoyant Bob. This included everything from naming and branding to packaging design and marketing strategy.

I also had the opportunity to work on multiple collaborations with MO OWN, which went on to win multiple awards including a Grand Clio in the cannabis category. Overall, it was a rewarding and exciting experience to be able to bring fresh energy and creativity to such a dynamic and growing industry.

Another challenge we faced while designing in the cannabis industry was finding the balance between being visually appealing and informative. The packaging for these products needed to not only grab the attention of the consumer, but also provide them with important information such as dosage and ingredients. This required us to carefully consider the layout and design of the packaging, ensuring that all necessary information was included without overwhelming the consumer.

Additionally, we had to be mindful of the various regulations and laws surrounding the cannabis industry, both at the state and federal level. This meant that certain design elements or language had to be avoided in order to comply with these regulations. Navigating these regulations while still creating visually appealing and effective packaging was a challenge, but ultimately allowed us to create products that were both visually appealing and compliant with the necessary regulations.


The audience for a family of cannabis brands is a diverse group of individuals who are interested in different aspects of the cannabis industry. Some may be interested in the medical benefits of cannabis, while others may be more interested in the recreational use of the product. Regardless of their reasons for being interested in cannabis, it is important to remember that they are all looking for a brand that they can trust and that is dedicated to meeting their needs and interests. By building a strong community of loyal customers, these brands can continue to grow and thrive in the competitive cannabis market.