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Parents as Teachers

Role / project
Senior Art Director
Production - Storytelling

An Overview

Parents as Teachers is an international nonprofit aimed at helping caregivers better understand and connect with their child’s early development. With a global affiliate network and research-based curricula, Parents as Teachers is a recognized leader in early childhood development, but the brand had become stagnant over the years. Audiences weren’t understanding the big picture of what Parents as Teachers is all about, so Upbrand, the agency I'm the Senior Art Director at stepped in to help.

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The Challenge

As always, we kicked off with our Discovery process. Parents as Teachers is an intricate organization with several stakeholders all interacting with the brand in different ways. Over countless surveys, interviews and focus groups, we collected deep insights into what makes the brand tick.

The Solution

After the brand discovery and website creation - of which I was a part of - we needed to find a way to get it to the masses. We strategized a multi-channel campaign aimed at raising brand awareness and celebrating the organization’s work with families around the world. The creative was inspired by the idea of opening doors — that every interaction with Parents as Teachers leads to bigger possibilities and brighter futures for young children. 

Our campaign called for a first for Parents as Teachers: a national TV spot. We produced a 30-second piece that serves as an intimate, cinematic look at the journey of parenting and how Parents as Teachers can make it all the more rewarding.

This included a trip to LA to work with the production company Townsend Hurst on a beautiful piece that told the story of three families. all under the metaphor of Opening Doors. You will see throughout the entire piece that opportunity was found in each piece that PAT touches in a families life. Even subtle visual cues of bringing the camera consistently through door frames, windows, and more.

Watch below and enjoy.