Creative Director

Nike x WNBA All Stars


The exclusive Nike All-Star party was hosted at La Cave, an upscale venue nestled within the Wynn hotel in Las Vegas, NV. This carefully curated event was specifically tailored for the WNBA players, their agents, and a select group of distinguished guests. The party boasted a range of exciting offerings, including delectable food and drinks, an energetic music ambiance, a trendy photo booth for capturing memories, and a customization station to add a personal touch to their Nike gear.

Our collaboration with the Nike creative team ensured that the space was meticulously designed to deliver a premium Nike experience for the WNBA players. The goal was to provide them with an extraordinary and unforgettable time, showcasing the best that Nike has to offer in a setting that exuded luxury and sophistication.

Nike dedicates extensive time and effort to perfecting the visual art direction for such activations. The visual mockups provided by Nike Global serve as the foundation for our work, and in collaboration with the internal team in Las Vegas, we meticulously crafted a comprehensive layout for the All Star Space in conjunction with the Wynn hotel and the La Cave bar. We carefully plan the production structure and incorporate storytelling components throughout the entire experience. This strategic placement of visual elements ensures that attendees can fully immerse themselves in a cohesive and engaging narrative that unfolds seamlessly throughout the entire event. Our goal is to create a compelling and unified story that resonates with all who participate.


The results of the event surpassed all expectations, with numerous All-Star WNBA athletes embracing the space and making the most of the offerings. They relished the opportunity to personalize their shirts at the customization station, taking home special memories of their time with exclusive Nike grab bags in hand. The atmosphere was electric as the athletes let loose and danced the night away, radiating joy and excitement.