Creative Director & Designer

Nike FC x Kids Showcase


Nike FC Summer Camps are immersive six-week programs designed for children attending participating schools in the LA area. During the camp, kids will have the incredible opportunity to train with Angel City FC on a daily basis, engaging in a variety of drills and enjoyable activities aimed at introducing them to the world of football. Throughout the week, young athletes will also have access to the latest Nike products and various resources tailored for both kids and parents. These camps serve as entry-level youth soccer clinics, building up to a community-oriented event that showcases the local youth soccer talent through friendly competitions and skills demonstrations.

Showcase 2023 is a grand finale celebration that concludes the Summer Camps. This exciting event invites athletes from all over the LA area to the Nike LA headquarters, providing them with an unforgettable experience that encompasses everything Nike has to offer. The celebration will be marked by friendly games between elite teams, creating a festive atmosphere that will last into the night. Furthermore, the event will feature a showcase of the new Nike Sports Bras designed for females and Base Layers for men. Attendees will have the opportunity to try on these products in fitting rooms and even personalize them in designated customization areas.

Nike dedicates extensive time and effort to perfecting the visual art direction for such activations. The visual mockups provided by Nike Global serve as the foundation for our work, and in collaboration with the internal team at Nike LA, we meticulously craft a comprehensive layout for the camps. We carefully plan the production structure and incorporate storytelling components throughout the entire experience. This strategic placement of visual elements ensures that attendees can fully immerse themselves in a cohesive and engaging narrative that unfolds seamlessly throughout the camps and the Showcase event. Our goal is to create a compelling and unified story that resonates with all who participate.


Nike has the incredible ability to gather hundreds of young athletes within their space, allowing them to witness firsthand the enchantment that surrounds the brand. By showcasing that football is not just a sport but an art form, Nike inspires the next generation of football enthusiasts. As an integral part of this transformative journey, Nike plays a vital role in shaping the future of football. The brand's commitment to innovation, creativity, and excellence ensures that the foundations of the sport are constantly being reinvented and elevated, captivating young athletes and instilling in them a deep appreciation for the beauty and magic of football.