Creative Director & Designer

Nike Basketball Rookie Summit 2023


The Nike Basketball Rookie Summit was strategically designed to offer up and coming rookie players a comprehensive Nike experience. Simultaneously, this event served as a platform to unveil some significant products while showcasing the participation of prominent individuals. The entire event was multiple days long and consisted of different skills training and product releases throughout the event space.

Working closely with the Nike internal athletics team, we created a brand from the ground up for the Rookie Summit that can act as the foundation for years to come. With many iterations, I also played the graphic designer on everything seen throughout the brand and the space. Genesis: 01 was the final name that we landed on, and the visuals were created to best execute the futuristic locker room feel we were going for. We carefully plan the production structure and incorporate storytelling components throughout the entire experience. This strategic placement of visual elements ensures that attendees can fully immerse themselves in a cohesive and engaging narrative that unfolds seamlessly throughout the both events. Our goal is to create a compelling and unified story that resonates with all who participate.


The support for the Nike Baksetball Rookie Summit was truly remarkable, as a group of 20+ up-and-coming rookies showed overwhelming enthusiasm. During the event, we proudly displayed the distinct pieces in the venue, providing valuable insights into the Nike experience for all participants.

As the night progressed, the festivities carried on, and we extended a warm invitation to numerous important guests. Everyone had a blast, indulging in delicious food and drinks while enjoying the vibrant atmosphere. Moreover, they left the event with personalized Nike basketball gear, custom photoshoots, and more, making it a memorable and gratifying experience for all involved.