Ethereum Denver
Creative Director x Designer

Ethereum Denver 2024


Ethereum Denver 2024 presented us with an exciting opportunity: to create a bespoke gamification platform for their annual in-person event in Denver, Colorado, a gathering that draws over 50,000 attendees. This innovative platform was designed to integrate real-time data, encompassing application processes, ticketing systems, and onboarding features for attendees, sponsors, and vendors alike.

In preparation for the event, attendees have the opportunity to engage with an interactive pre-event experience. They can embark on various quests, earn rewards, and progressively level up. A unique feature is the ability to create their own custom 'Spork' avatars, tailored to the year's branding and inspired by the Buffercorn NFT collection owned by the Ethereum Denver team and SporkDAO. These custom Sporks, representing both the applications and the attendees in a playful manner, are not just digital assets; they play a crucial role in real-life questing activities throughout the conference.


I'm eagerly anticipating the launch of numerous IRL quests and am excited about our collaboration with the Ethereum Denver team for ETH DENVER 2024. As the project progresses throughout the first part of the year, I look forward to sharing further updates and details about our work and the evolving data in partnership with the Ethereum Denver team in preperation for the event.