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Creative Director / Production

Good ol boys

Here in the midwest, STAG is one of the most iconic blue collar beers that exist. Ever since I was a child, that dirty brown golden can with those deer antlers stood humbly on the beer shelf. Always in a minimum of 12, and never close to anything with the letters IPA in its name. Come 2019, everything changed. New creative took over at Pabst, and the first thing to go was the iconic can design. Working alongside of the local CMO, we were tasked to present a new image for a dusty beer. We gave it new life through multiple productions, and updated visuals.

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Data for hoosiers

Data was simple. Blue Collar workers everywhere hated it. They hated that a bunch of young yuppie creatives took a can design that hasn't changed in decades, and gave it a fresh look. Now, whether that was a good decision or not, we will never know. I wasn't on that team that led out on the can redesign. All I could effect was the perception it had in the aftermath. We took a beer that never asked for the spotlight, and was proudly drank in dusty pool halls, and gave it new life worth talking about.

Got weird with it

Throughout both production shoots, we worked at creating a narrative around the new lifestyle brand of STAG. One touching on the retro aspect of nostalgia, while the other giving it a younger audience with fun ambitions.

- We sourced a local vintage record store. One of the largest and oldest in the area. Brought in a group of 35mm disposable cameras, a model, and a few bottles with the original design. We needed to bridge a gap from the old brand, and the new one. Showcasing a younger face, alongside of the original design in a space that is beloved from both generations. This was the tie that would bring it all together.

- The new design was bold, loud and needed to be noticed. Like a beautiful new piece of jewelry, this commanded attention. The production needed to encompass this level of energy. We sourced a classic midwest lake house environment, many diverse models, had a BBQ and a hell of a time.