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Burger King

Role / project
Creative Director / Experiential Campaign
Storytelling - Experiential

An Overview of the project

Burger King is launching their new year long campaign this year titled "YOU RULE". A new fresh take on the "Have it Your Way" slogan they originally launched with decades ago. This new campaign is a shift in focus. With customer loyalty plummeting, Burger King is doing what they can do bring back a sense of freshness to their brand and position themselves in a new light. This assignment was originally led out by the team at OKRP, and my work was Creative Director with the experiential firm BeCore working alongside of the campaign build with the OKRP crew. Our job was to help bring ideas to the table that would be included in the go to market strategy that Burger King is rolling out with the entire "YOU RULE" campaign. We presented a long list of incredible concepts ranging from safe to wild, and ultimately landed on a couple to be included in the final strategy being led out and orchestrated by the OKRP team.

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My two cents for what it's worth

Burger King is bottom of the totem pole. They have won multiple awards over the last few years for their marketing and clever advertising, but they haven't seen any uptick in customer appreciation, nation sentiment, and profitability. In my humble opinion, they have went wild over and over again, in hopes to shock and awe the customer base without focusing on their product or integrity behind the food. I think their drive to be wild was beautiful, and led to incredible creative, but this is just a testimony to how good - hell great creative campaigns can only lead a brand so far. Without a great product and integrity to match it up to, customers will ultimately go elsewhere.

We had some fun with it

We ultimately ended up presenting close to 15 different ideas to the OKRP team after multiple days of brainstorm and workshops. I won't go through each campaign pitch we had, because honestly, all of them weren't great. Some were more safe than others and I sadly I think 'safe' is what the Burger King team was leaning towards. I will however showcase my favorite idea. It was wild, fun, creative, provocative, and meant to shock and awe. Burger King 10 years ago would have loved it.


In times of uncertainty, people have always turned to religion for grounding. In this provocative take, we give them the Whopper instead as a grounding force of comfort in these wild times.

The experience takes place in a towering beautiful church. Think one of those white marble Mormon tabernacles meets an Islamic gold domed temple. We build it in the middle of a downtown top 10 city. The temple is towering with large stained glass windows depicting the 12 combo meals, instead of imagery of the 12 apostles. You walk in and at the center of the lobby, you aren't confronted with the image of Mother Mary, but a statue of self love queen herself - Lizzo - sculpted like a greek god out of the most beautiful white marble.

We invite the guests to participate in a full scale Mass. Complete with prayers on how to better love yourself in times of uncertainty, praise and worship led Lizzo and her troupe of gold jumpsuit dancers. You sit down and instead of the Father speaking scripture in Latin, you get John Mulany delivering the funniest sermon you will ever hear in your life.

You end the service with communion. "The body and the blood broken for you" ringing out in your ears from years of masses your mom took you to growing up, but as it's passed out, you instead are handed a whopper and large cherry coke.


The idea that won out was an idea called


Whoppertunity: Ways to Rule is a way of thinking that teaches guests to celebrate the good
and to seek control over the bad. We will teach people a new version of “teachable moments”
and get them to stop and say, “Hmmm…this is a Whoppertunity…I should celebrate.”

Elements of the concept:

Whoppertunity Wagon

- The Whopppertunity Wagon is a touring BK Kingdom where guests come in to rule the

- Inside: Kitchen, dining area, and activation zones

- Whoppertunity Steward: log line: Zoltar meets 20 Questions

- Outside: Dining area, activation areas

- Among the various planned destinations (music festivals, tentpole events) it will make
unexpected stops — for people with broken down cars, motor vehicle locations (where
nobody has control), tow yards, etc.

Whoppertunity App

If the wine industry can tout sommeliers or wine stewards, then BK can launch the
Whoppertunty Steward app. This is a physical interactive/app that’s based on the 20 questions
game. It will determine a players’ state (celebrating or seeking comfort) by asking 20 questions,
pair it with a meal, and offer words of wisdom. Imagine a celebrity as the Whoppertunity
Steward…Weeknd anyone?

- Users choose from two Whopper States – Celebrate or Comfort

- The app will feature the image of a celebrity and text will appear, asking a series of 20

- The app will predict the player’s Whopper State and the celebrity will deliver the results,
a menu pairing, and words of wisdom, “Yo, it’s cool, you sizzle and don’t forget that!”